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Hyla Molander

I had everything I had ever wanted . . . right up until that Easter Sunday dinner when my 17-month-old daughter and I watched as our beloved Erik slid down the kitchen counter and lay motionless on our white-tiled floor.

Erik, 29, was a rising-star manager for Lucas Digital and a devoted husband and father.  I was a successful Northern California children’s photographer, seven months pregnant with our second child.

One minute we were laughing, and thirty-five minutes later, Erik was pronounced dead.

Never could I have imagined that this tragedy would teach me to live and twice intensity, but now, eight years later, I embrace each day with my new husband (Match.com) and our four children.

Now, through my writing and inspirational speaking, I remind others to walk directly into their own darkness, so that they may feel the magnificence of even more light.

In that second when I realized my late husband would never take another breath, I knew I had to make meaning from my loss. What I didn’t know, though, was that my journey would take me down the path of not only speaking to other people who had experienced hardships, but also to giving keynote presentations to corporations, in which I help employees reach their highest potential by identifying what is holding them back from true success.

Believe. Define. Create.

I live by these three words.

Regardless of our circumstances, we must believe that we deserve happiness. Then, we must define exactly what that happiness will look like. Once we become clear on our vision, we can create all that we desire in our lives.

When not speaking, chasing my children, or hiking the Northern California hills with my camera, I’m putting the final touches on my book, Secrets of Scribd Success: A Step-By-Step Guide for Writers, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, and Corporations on Growing Your Audience with Scribd.com. This book was unexpectedly conceived after excerpts of my forthcoming memoir, Drop Dead Life: A Pregnant Widow’s Heartfelt and Often Comic Journey through Death, Birth, and Rebirth, accumulated 100k reads on Scribd in only 11 months.

I’ve also published Finding Light: Words and Images of Hope, which can be previewed and purchased here.

Thank you for visiting my drop dead life.

Present Bliss 2010

Past Joy 2003




Love right now.

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