Jane Friedman Interviews Me For Her No Rules Column In Writer’s Digest

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This past February, I went to the Southern California Writer’s Conference in San Diego—a conference I highly recommend for writers. I spent weeks preparing advanced submissions and query letters for the three different literary agents and one editor with whom I scheduled to meet there.

When it came time for my SCWC Advanced Submission Critiques, all three scheduled agents raved about my manuscript, declaring things like “People need to be inspired by stories like yours” or “You’ll be great at speaking engagements” and “Loved the sex and humor.” I returned home to San Francisco with enthusiastic interest from three different agents.

Or so I thought.

Two of the agents did actually help me put together my book proposal, which was extremely helpful, but in the end, each expressed concern over being able to sell the book to publishing houses. Again, not a celebrity. Not a household name…

Jane Friedman of Writer’s Digest interviews me for her There Are No Rules Blog, and asks how I turned rejection into success with the help of Scribd.com.

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