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Journalists, bloggers, interviewers, and other media professionals wishing to use this image in a story, may do so, provided the caption remains in tact, and a link is provided back to somewhere in the article.

You may download this image by right-clicking (ctrl-clicking on Mac) the image, and selecting “Save Image As” from the resulting context menu. If a higher resolution version of this image is available, first click the image to navigate to the larger version, and proceed as instructed above.

More Specific Linking Suggestions:

  • If you are writing about Hyla in her role as inspirational speaker, it is recommended you use the link text:Hyla Molander, Inspirational Speaker


  • If you are referring to Hyla in her role as an author advocate for Scribd, and/or social media strategist, you might use one of the following:Hyla Molander, Scribd Author Advocate


  • (see … for linking instructions to one of Hyla’s books)