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If we are the reflection of our connections, presented to one another to reveal necessary truths, then the words I’ve written beneath each of my photographs in FINDING LIGHT embrace us all…

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You will find the light in this darkness. The light is there, inside you.


Let your tears flow, so that they can make room for even more love.


There are no wrong directions. Each step will teach you where to take the next.

Search within and you will find your truth.


Listen to the whispers of your soul. Only you can navigate these waters.

Know that you are not alone. We are all connected by love, hope, loss, and fear.


Sharing your pain gives others permission to do the same.

Those who have witnessed death can be broken open to life. When you are ready, the path shall appear.


Believe, define, and then create all that you desire.

You honor the past by embracing the present.

Let the light be your guide.

– Writing and photography in FINDING LIGHT ©2010 by Hyla Molander